Harry Styles and the Waystar Royco Hoodie: A Perfect Combination

Harry Styles Waystar Royco Hoodie 6

Did you know that Harry Styles, the world-famous pop star, is a fan of the TV show Succession? If not, you will be surprised to know that he wore a hoodie with the logo of Waystar Royco, the fictional media company in the show, during his recent vacation.

Harry Styles wears Waystar Royco Hoodie on vacation

On May 21, 2023, the twitter account HSD posted a photo of Harry Styles posing with a fan in London. In the photo, Harry Styles looked very friendly and cheerful with his curly hair and mustache. But what caught the attention of many people was the black hoodie that he was wearing. It had the words Waystar Royco printed on the chest, which is the name of the media company owned by the Roy family in Succession.

Harry Styles Waystar Royco Hoodie
Harry Styles Wears Waystar Royco Hoodie

Succession is a TV series about the power struggle among the members of the Roy family, who are wealthy and influential in the media industry. The show has received many awards and praises from both audiences and critics. Many people think that the show reflects truthfully and sharply about the world of billionaires and social issues today.

Harry Styles is one of the fans of the show. He has expressed his admiration for the actors and producers of the show in several interviews. He has also met and befriended some of the actors of the show, such as Nicholas Braun (who plays Cousin Greg) and Jeremy Strong (who plays Kendall Roy). Therefore, it is not surprising that he chose to wear a Waystar Royco hoodie to show his love for the show.

The Waystar Royco Hoodie: A unique and quality product

The Waystar Royco Hoodie is not only a product related to Succession, but also a quality and unique product. The hoodie is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, making it soft, warm and comfortable to wear. It comes in various colors and sizes to suit your preference.

Moreover, the hoodie has a simple but elegant design with the logo of Waystar Royco printed on the chest. This logo is not only a symbol of the media company in the show, but also a symbol of wealth, power and ambition. When you wear this hoodie, you will feel more confident and classy.

Harry Styles Waystar Royco Hoodie 4
Harry Styles Waystar Royco Hoodie

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