How Madeleine White Turned a Chanel Formula 1 Shirt into a Viral TikTok Outfit

Madeleine White is a fashion model, content creator, Instagram and TikTok star who is known for her creative and sustainable styling videos. She has over 4 million followers on TikTok and has collaborated with brands like Prada, Dior, and Chanel. In this blog post, we will take a look at how she turned a Chanel Formula 1 shirt into a viral TikTok outfit that impressed her fans and fellow fashion influencers.

The Story Behind the Shirt and How She Got It

The Chanel Formula 1 shirt is a rare and vintage piece that was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1991 for the French Grand Prix. The shirt features the Chanel logo and the number 5, which is a reference to the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume. The shirt is also a tribute to Lagerfeld’s friend and muse, Inès de la Fressange, who was a Formula 1 fan and driver. 348629289 149026321487613 6036139945673267854 n 1024
 Chanel Formula 1 Shirt

Madeleine White got the shirt from a vintage store in Los Angeles, where she lives. She said she was drawn to the shirt because of its history and uniqueness. She also said she loves to wear things that are not meant for her, such as men’s clothing or oversized items.

How She Styled It with a Black Skirt and a Yellow Bag

Madeleine White decided to style the shirt with a black mini skirt and a yellow bag for a chic and trendy look. She said she wanted to make the shirt more feminine and fun by pairing it with a skirt that showed off her legs. She also added a pop of color with the yellow bag, which matched the yellow details on the shirt. 348488209 606780534850104 1118352634966020389 n 1024

She posted a video on TikTok showing her styling process and the final outfit. In the video, she said that the shirt was her new favorite thing and that she felt like a “badass b*tch” wearing it. The video has over 250k likes and 200 comments.

What Her Followers and Other Fashion Influencers Think of Her Look

Madeleine White’s followers and other fashion influencers loved her look and praised her for her creativity and style. Some of the comments on her video were:

  • “I love how you make everything look so chic and effortless” – a TikTok user
  • “You are such an inspiration for creativity and sustainability” – another TikTok user
  • “This shirt is everything! Where can I get one?” – a TikTok user who wanted to copy her look
  • “You look amazing! I love your style so much” – Chiara Ferragni, a famous fashion blogger and entrepreneur
  • “You killed it! So cool and original” – Aimee Song, another famous fashion blogger and influencer

Madeleine White thanked her fans and peers for their support and said she was happy to share her passion for fashion with them. She also said she hoped to inspire more people to be creative and sustainable with their clothing choices. 348696804 198077729821367 8691614659303015653 n 1024

The Price of the Shirt and How to Get It

The Chanel Formula 1 shirt is not only a rare and vintage piece, but also a very expensive one. According to the F1 online store, the official Formula One store, the shirt costs US$7800. However, it is currently sold out and not available for purchase. The shirt is also hard to find in other online platforms or vintage stores, as it is a highly coveted and sought-after item by fashion collectors and enthusiasts.

If you are interested in getting the shirt or a similar one, you may have to do some extensive research and be prepared to pay a high price. Alternatively, you can try to recreate the look with a different shirt that has a similar design or color scheme. You can also follow Madeleine White’s example and customize your own shirt with some scissors and creativity.


Madeleine White is one of the most popular and influential fashion stars on TikTok. She has shown her talent and skill in transforming ordinary clothes into extraordinary outfits. She has also shown her love for vintage and rare pieces, such as the Chanel Formula 1 shirt. She has impressed her followers and fellow fashion influencers with her viral TikTok outfit that was chic, trendy, and fun.

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