New Washington Shirts form Eletees: Celebrate the Departure of Dan Snyder


Despite the frustrations that Washington Commanders fans have faced under Snyder’s ownership, they have remained dedicated to their team. Now, with Snyder no longer at the helm, fans can celebrate the return of a great football era in D.C. As fans revel in their newfound freedom to enjoy the game without the burden of Snyder’s mismanagement, Eletees has created the perfect apparel for devoted fans.

From Frustration to Triumph: The Story of Washington Commanders Fans and Their New Era of Football

After 24 years of owning the (then) Washington Redskins, Dan Snyder has finally sold the team. This news is something that Washington Commanders fans have been waiting for, and it’s no surprise given Snyder’s history. From his early treatment of coaches like Norv Turner and Marty Schottenheimer to his hands-on approach to team building and price increases, Snyder often put his own interests before the team.

One particularly frustrating move on Snyder’s part was getting Prince George’s County to ban pedestrians from walking to FedEx Field. This forced fans to either pay for expensive parking at the stadium or rely on alternative transportation methods. But now, with Snyder gone, Washington Commanders supporters can celebrate their newfound freedom and hope for a brighter future.

And what better way to show your support for the team than by sporting some new fan gear? Eletees has recently released a collection of three iconic and fashionable shirts dedicated to the passionate fans of Washington sports teams. The collection includes the DC Is A Football Town Again Shirt, Sold The Team Shirt, and I Survived The Snyder Era Shirt.

The DC Is A Football Town Again Shirt features a simple yet highly representative design that reflects the return of football to the city of Washington. The Sold The Team Shirt allows fans to express their views on the team’s transfer through the printed words “Sold The Team.” Meanwhile, the I Survived The Snyder Era Shirt presents loyalty towards the team after years of ups and downs under the previous owner. The shirt features the phrase “I Survived The Snyder Era 1999-2023.”

Sold The Team Shirt3 1
Sold The Team Shirt


D.C. Is A Football Town Again Shirt1
D.C. Is A Football Town Again Shirt


I Survived The Snyder Era Shirt2 1
I Survived The Snyder Era Shirt



All shirts are made with high-quality materials that provide for optimal comfort and fit. With various sizes available, fans can find the perfect shirt that will help them express their support and dedication to their favorite sports team, whether it be at games or other sports-related events.


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