The Meaning and Impact of the No Joke Hat: A Review of Nike’s Ad Campaign for Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic Nike No Joke Hat 3

Nikola Jokic is one of the most talented players in the NBA today, and his MVP award and championship ring are a testament to his incredible skill. But he is also one of the most humble and unassuming stars in the league, who prefers to let his game do the talking. That’s why Nike’s ad campaign for him, featuring the No Joke hat, is a perfect fit for his personality and achievements.

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What is the No Joke hat?

The No Joke hat is a simple yet eye-catching accessory that Nike designed to celebrate Nikola Jokic’s MVP and championship journey. The hat features the words “No Joke” prominently displayed on the front, with a subtle nod to Jokic’s Serbian heritage with the Cyrillic letter “Ј” in place of the Latin “J”.

Nikola Jokic Nike No Joke Hat 3
Nikola Jokic Nike No Joke Hat

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The No Joke hat is a tribute to Jokic’s nickname, “The Joker”, which he earned for his playful and humorous demeanor on and off the court. But it also conveys a deeper message: that Jokic is not a joke, but a serious contender and a dominant force in the NBA.

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How did Nike launch the No Joke ad campaign?

Nike launched the No Joke ad campaign shortly after the Denver Nuggets won the 2023 NBA Championship on Monday night, defeating the Miami Heat in five games. Jokic was named the Finals MVP after averaging 28 points, 16 rebounds and four assists per game.

Nike published a video on its social media accounts that struck a perfect balance of humor and sincerity. The video shows a series of split-screen images of Jokic and other athletes from different sports, backgrounds and abilities, performing similar moves and actions. The video is accompanied by Serbian music and a voice-over by women’s soccer star and equal-pay activist Meghan Rapinoe, who narrates:

So a Serbian guy walks into an arena. Wins an MVP. Wins another one. Helps lead his team to the Playoffs. Then the Finals. Wins a ring. Brings a city together. And everyone is happy. That’s it. That’s the punchline. No joke.

The video ends with a close-up of Jokic wearing the No Joke hat and smiling.

Nike also displayed billboards featuring the same image of Jokic and the No Joke slogan throughout New York City, including Times Square and Madison Square Garden.

What is the impact of the No Joke ad campaign?

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The No Joke ad campaign has been widely praised by fans, media and celebrities for its creative and effective way of highlighting Jokic’s personality and accomplishments. The video has been viewed over 20 million times on Twitter and over 11 million times on YouTube as of Friday afternoon. Many commenters applauded Nike’s themes of diversity, social justice and collectivism.

The No Joke ad campaign also showcases Nike’s marketing prowess and its ability to strike the right tone for its athletes and customers. Nike has a history of creating memorable and emotional campaigns that resonate with people, such as “You Can’t Stop Us”, “Dream Crazier” and “Just Do It”.

The No Joke ad campaign also boosts Nike’s brand image and sales, as it promotes its signature shoe for post players, the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump. The shoe features one of Nike’s most responsive cushioning systems ever devised, with double-stacked Zoom Air units and an external jump frame. The shoe is available in four colorways for $154-$180 in adult sizes on Nike’s website.

The No Joke hat itself is also a hot commodity among fans who want to show their support for Jokic and his amazing season. The hat is currently sold out on Nike’s website, but it can be found on other online platforms such as eBay and Amazon for higher prices.


The No Joke ad campaign is a brilliant example of how Nike uses its digital marketing strategy to create engaging and emotional campaigns that celebrate its athletes and connect with its customers. The campaign perfectly captures Nikola Jokic’s humble greatness and inspires a generation of basketball fans. No joke.

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