What is Black Valentine’s Day on April 14th?


If Valentine’s Day on February 14th is considered a day for girls to give gifts to guys, and White Valentine’s Day on March 14th is an opportunity for boys to return the favor to girls, then the meaning of Black Valentine’s Day on April 14th is not related to couples who are in love.

What is Black Valentine’s Day?

If February 14, red Valentine’s Day is a holiday for women to confess their love to the one they love, March 14 is a white Valentine’s for boys to respond to that sincerity with promises and unique gifts. unique, .. then 14/4 Black Valentine has a completely different meaning.
Black Valentine’s Day 14/4 has a concept that has nothing to do with love, but this is a day dedicated to single people in the world. It’s for those who still haven’t earned their half or who worship celibacy.
This is also the day for single people to gather together for the purpose of “celebrating” being single or maybe taking this opportunity to “take advantage” of finding the other half that is suitable for themselves.
Black Valetine originates from Korea. On this day, single friends will wear black, eat traditional Jachang noodles (Korean noodles with black bean sauce) and share the joys and sorrows of FA life.

Black Valentine who gives gifts to whom?

If red Valentine February 14 is the day women give gifts to men, whereas white Valentine March 14 is the day men give gifts to their girlfriends, Black Valentine does not have any rules. about who should give gifts to whom.
Therefore, on Black Valentine’s Day on April 14, single people often gather and give each other meaningful and unique gifts. The purpose of these gifts is to help impress the other person, so that both have the opportunity to talk and get closer to each other.

The meaning of Black Valentine’s Day 14/4

In the world, there are 2 red and white Valentine’s Days dedicated to honoring the love of couples, why does self-love do not have a day to celebrate. Thus, Black Valentine’s Day was born, helping those who pursue celibacy have memorable memories. Black Valentine also means love, but love yourself.

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Longing Photograph by Evelina Kremsdorf | Fine Art America

First present in Korea, then this Black Valentine’s Day on April 14 was quickly responded to by a large number of celibate believers around the world. Until now, Black Valentine is celebrated quite loudly in many countries, especially in Western countries.
For those who worship celibacy, Black Valentine’s Day, April 14, is an opportunity for you to spend a lot of fun and interesting activities. You can wear the best clothes, walk with a group of close friends, relax with spa services, go shopping or eat.
In fact, it is not until Black Valentine’s Day on April 14 that young singles have the opportunity to gather and eat together. Even on the days of Red Valentine (February 14) and White Valentine (March 14), the association of singles still meets and has fun together.

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