“Bring Ya Ass!” – Anthony Edwards’ Bold Comment Sparks T-Shirt Craze and Boosts Minnesota Tourism

Anthony Edwards' 'Bring Ya Ass'

Minnesota Timberwolves’ rising star Anthony Edwards isn’t just making waves on the basketball court; his off-the-cuff remarks are now fueling a fashion trend and putting the spotlight on Minnesota’s charm.

Anthony Edwards' 'Bring Ya Ass'
Anthony Edwards’ ‘Bring Ya Ass’

“Bring Ya Ass” – The Phrase That Started It All

It all began when Edwards, known for his fearless gameplay and candid personality, responded to Charles Barkley’s comment about not visiting Minnesota in years with a bold “Bring ya ass” during a post-game interview. This cheeky invitation caught fire on social media, leading to an unexpected yet welcome tourism boost for the state. The viral phrase captured the attention of fans and media alike, highlighting Edwards’ charismatic influence beyond the court.

From Viral Video to Viral Wear

Quick to capitalize on the trend, local entrepreneurs and the Minnesota Tourism Board turned the viral phrase into a must-have fashion item. T-shirts emblazoned with “Bring Ya Ass to Minnesota” flew off the shelves, as fans and tourists alike wanted a piece of this cultural moment. Jon Savitt, a comedian and Timberwolves fan, took the initiative further by purchasing the domain bringyaass.com and redirecting it to the state’s tourism website, exploreminnesota.com. This clever marketing move amplified the reach of Edwards’ comment, turning it into a widespread phenomenon.

A Slam Dunk for Minnesota Tourism

The T-shirt craze has done more than just add a trendy new phrase to the lexicon; it’s also shone a light on Minnesota’s attractions. The state’s tourism website saw a significant spike in traffic, with web visits increasing by about 135.5% from Sunday to Monday following the viral comment. Monday alone saw 81,000 visits, marking a 211% increase compared to the previous day. Explore Minnesota gained thousands of followers on Instagram, and the phrase “Bring ya ass” was adopted by various local businesses and attractions, from the Minnesota Orchestra to the State Fair, all encouraging Charles Barkley and others to visit the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

This unexpected boost in tourism showcases the power of a viral moment and the influence of sports personalities like Anthony Edwards. His bold remark not only entertained fans but also brought a fresh wave of attention and visitors to Minnesota, proving that a little humor and spontaneity can have a significant economic impact.