Carpe Omnia Meaning: Cowboys Aim to Seize Everything with Carpe Omnia as Their 2023 Theme

Carpe Omnia Cowboys Hoodie

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful and popular teams in the National Football League (NFL). They have won five Super Bowls and have a loyal fan base that spans across the country and beyond. But the Cowboys are not satisfied with their past achievements. They want to seize everything in 2023, from family to football, and they have a new slogan to inspire them: Carpe Omnia.

How the Cowboys are inspired by a Latin phrase and a Sikh warrior-saint to achieve greatness in 2023

Carpe Omnia is a Latin phrase that means “seize everything”. It is the motto that drives Mike McCarthy, the head coach of the Cowboys, who presented it to the team on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. McCarthy explained that the theme reflects where the team is at in their progression toward winning a championship. He said that it is very difficult to win a Super Bowl in this league, but sustaining success is an even bigger challenge.

McCarthy also told the players a story about Hari Singh Nalwa, a Sikh warrior-saint from the 17th century, who carried two swords that represented miri and piri. Miri related to war, and piri tied to spirituality. McCarthy drew a parallel between the Sikh concept of sant sipahi, meaning “saint soldier”, and the Cowboys’ identity as warriors who balance family and football.

The players were given T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing the phrase Carpe Omnia, and a mural was unveiled on a wall near the meeting room. The presentation also included photos of all five Super Bowl teams in Cowboys history and images of each player’s family.

Dallas Cowboys Carpe Omnia
Dallas Cowboys Carpe Omnia

The story behind the Cowboys’ new slogan ‘Carpe Omnia’ and what it means for their quest for a sixth Super Bowl

The Cowboys have had different themes for each of McCarthy’s seasons with the team. In his first season, it was “20/20 vision”. The following year, it was simply “victory”. Last season was the year of “resilience” and came with a lesson on kintsugi, a Japanese pottery technique that repairs broken pieces in a way that makes them stronger and more valuable for the damage.

This year, McCarthy chose Carpe Omnia as the theme that best captures the team’s mindset and ambition. He said that he wanted to create something unique and meaningful for the players, something that they can relate to and embrace. He said that he did not want to use a cliché or a generic slogan that could apply to any team. He wanted something that reflects the Cowboys’ culture and history, as well as their future goals.

Carpe Omnia is more than just a slogan for the Cowboys. It is a philosophy and a way of life. It is about making the most out of every opportunity and striving for greatness in every aspect of life. It is about seizing everything from family to football, from love to legacy, from faith to fame.

Carpe Omnia: The Cowboys’ motto to seize everything from family to football in the 2023 season

The Cowboys are ready to start their 2023 season with a bang. They have a talented roster that features stars like Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, DeMarcus Lawrence, Micah Parsons, and Trevon Diggs. They have a motivated coaching staff that includes McCarthy, Kellen Moore, Dan Quinn, John Fassel, and Joe Philbin. They have a supportive owner in Jerry Jones, who has spared no expense in providing them with world-class facilities and resources.

Dallas Cowboys Carpe Omnia 1
Dallas Cowboys Carpe Omnia

But more importantly, they have a shared vision and a common purpose. They have Carpe Omnia as their guiding principle and their rallying cry. They have a bond that transcends football and connects them as brothers.

The Cowboys are not just playing for themselves or for their fans. They are playing for each other and for their families. They are playing for their legacy and for their place in history. They are playing for everything.

Carpe Omnia Cowboys Hoodie: The perfect way to show your support for the team that wants to seize everything in 2023

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Carpe Omnia Dallas Cowboys Hoodie 3
Dallas Cowboys Hari Singh Nalwa Carpe Omnia Hoodie

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The Carpe Omnia Cowboys Hoodie is available in different sizes and colors, and you can order it online from Eletees. Don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself a Carpe Omnia Cowboys Hoodie and join the Cowboys in their quest for a sixth Super Bowl. Carpe Omnia! Seize everything!

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