Lionel Messi drives Inter Miami crazy: His jersey creates an unprecedented frenzy

David Beckham Welcomes Lionel Messi to His Inter Miami 1

Lionel Messi is the biggest star soccer has ever produced. He has won countless trophies and awards with FC Barcelona and Argentina. He is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time. And now, he has chosen to play for Inter Miami CF in the MLS.

This is a historic moment for soccer in the United States. Messi’s arrival will boost the popularity and prestige of the league, as well as the revenue and fan base of Inter Miami. But perhaps the most immediate and tangible impact of Messi’s move is the demand for his jersey.

Messi’s jersey sells like hot cakes

As soon as Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami was announced, fans rushed to buy his jersey online and in stores. According to MARCA, the MLS Store and Adidas Store are the official places to buy Messi’s jersey, which is available in all sizes for men, women, and children.

Inter Miami CF Lionel Messi Pink Jersey 2023
Inter Miami CF Lionel Messi Pink Jersey 2023

The home kit is cheaper than the away kit at $89.99 inside the MLS Store, whereas the away kit costs $164.99 at the same store. However, some fans have found cheaper deals on Ebay, where Messi’s jersey can be found for as low as $50.

The demand for Messi’s jersey is so high that some tickets for his debut game against Cruz Azul on July 21 are going for nearly $100,000. Fans are eager to see Messi in action and show their support for their new hero.

Messi wears his iconic No. 10 in Miami

Messi has always been associated with the No. 10 jersey, which he wore with distinction at FC Barcelona and Argentina. However, during his brief stint at PSG, he had to wear the No. 30 jersey, as Neymar already had the No. 10.

David Beckham Welcomes Lionel Messi to His Inter Miami 1
David Beckham Welcomes Lionel Messi to His Inter Miami

But in Miami, Messi gets to return to his old number that everybody loves. Inter Miami currently has no player wearing the No. 10 jersey, so it was reserved for Messi. The No. 10 is a symbol of Messi’s legacy and greatness, and he will surely make it shine in Miami.

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