The Meaning Behind Israel Adesanya’s “He is Not Your Bank” Shirt

Israel Adesanya He is Not Your Bank Shirt

Israel Adesanya is one of the most dominant and charismatic fighters in the UFC. The Nigerian-born New Zealander has defended his middleweight title four times, most recently against Marvin Vettori at UFC 263. But Adesanya is not only known for his skills in the octagon, but also for his fashion choices and statements.

Israel Adesanya He is Not Your Bank Shirt
Israel Adesanya He is Not Your Bank Shirt

What did the shirt say?

At the UFC 263 weigh-ins, Adesanya wore a black shirt with white letters that read: “He is not your bank”. The shirt was a reference to his opponent Vettori, who had claimed that he deserved a rematch with Adesanya after their first fight in 2018, which Adesanya won by split decision. Vettori also said that he was going to make Adesanya pay for his mistakes in their second fight.

Adesanya’s shirt was a way of mocking Vettori’s claims and implying that he was not going to get any money or satisfaction from fighting him again. Adesanya also said in an interview that he wanted to “bankrupt” Vettori mentally and physically.

What was the reaction?

The shirt caused a lot of reactions from fans and media, who either praised Adesanya for his cleverness and confidence, or criticized him for being disrespectful and arrogant. Some also compared the shirt to Conor McGregor’s famous “Who the fook is that guy?” line, which he used to dismiss Jeremy Stephens at a press conference in 2016.

Vettori himself did not seem to be bothered by the shirt, as he said that he did not care what Adesanya wore or said. He also said that he was going to make him regret wearing it after their fight.

What was the outcome?

The fight between Adesanya and Vettori turned out to be a one-sided affair, as Adesanya dominated all five rounds with his superior striking and footwork. He also defended all of Vettori’s takedown attempts and landed some hard shots on the ground. The judges scored the fight 50-45 in favor of Adesanya, who retained his title and improved his record to 21-1.

After the fight, Adesanya did not mention the shirt or Vettori’s comments, but instead praised his opponent for being tough and durable. He also called out Robert Whittaker, the former champion and his next likely challenger, for a rematch in Auckland, New Zealand.

Where can you get the shirt?

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Israel Adesanya He is Not Your Bank Shirt1
Israel Adesanya He is Not Your Bank Shirt

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One thought on “The Meaning Behind Israel Adesanya’s “He is Not Your Bank” Shirt

  1. Sarah White says:

    Uhhh no I think you’ll find it was a chauvinist dig at the movement “she is not your rehab” which promotes healing for men from trauma, the logo is exactly the same, the message appears to be directed at his ex partner and/or women in general. Very distasteful and offensive to the good work done in the realms of men’s therapy.

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