Margot Robbie’s Epic Response to a Fan’s Barbie x Oppenheimer T-Shirt

Margot Robbie Barbie x Oppenheimer Shirt

Margot Robbie is not only a talented actress, but also a good sport. The star of the upcoming Barbie movie had the best reaction to a fan’s Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirt at a fan event in Sydney.

Margot Robbie Barbie x Oppenheimer Shirt 1 1
Margot Robbie Barbie x Oppenheimer Shirt

The t-shirt, designed by Twitter user @mjcooke, features a graphic of Robbie as Barbie in a cowboy hat mashed alongside Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, in Christopher Nolan’s biopic. The two films are set to release on the same day, July 21st, 2023, and have sparked a hilarious online rivalry between their fans.

In a video posted by @mjcooke, they ask Robbie to sign their t-shirt. The actor, who uses a pink sharpie to sign the tee, says: “Ok I have to sign it on this side and I hope you meet Cillian Murphy and he can sign the other side.” She then pens her signature on the top and compliments the fan on their “amazing” shirt.

Robbie’s response was not only sweet, but also clever. She acknowledged both films and showed respect for her fellow actor Murphy. She also showed that she has a sense of humor and can appreciate the creativity of her fans.

The fan was thrilled by Robbie’s reaction and thanked her on Twitter. They also revealed that they created the graphic themselves and that other fans can get their hands on the t-shirt from Eletees. Buy here

The Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirt is one of many that fans have created to show support for both films, or to poke fun at their contrast. Some have compared them to the Black and Pink Meme Houses, while others have imagined how their audiences would interact at the theater or in the parking lot. Some have even made electoral maps or schedules based on their preferences.

I humbly present my Barbie-Oppenheimer 2024 electoral map

people seeing barbie first are wild. the schedule needs to be black coffee and a cigarette oppenheimer around 11 (its 3 hours) mimosas and brunch barbie around 6/7 dinner, drinks, club

The memes have also caught the attention of some brands that have collaborated with Mattel to release Barbie-themed products, such as NYX Cosmetics, ALDO, Funboy and Ruggable.

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Whether you’re team Barbie or team Oppenheimer, or both, you have to admit that this is one of the most entertaining movie clashes of all time. And Margot Robbie just proved that she’s the perfect person to play the iconic doll.

What do you think of Margot Robbie’s response to the fan’s t-shirt? Which film are you more excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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