How Michael Malone’s Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It Shirt Became A Fan Favorite


If you watched the Denver Nuggets’ championship parade on Thursday, you might have noticed something unusual about their head coach Michael Malone. He was wearing a shirt that featured an image of the Larry O’Brien trophy with the words “put that in your pipe and smoke it” above it. What does that mean? And why did fans love it so much? Let’s find out.

The origin of Michael Malone’s shirt and what it means

The shirt is a reference to something Malone said after the Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The Lakers were the heavy favorites to win the series, and the national media seemed to only care about their adjustments and strategies. Malone felt that his team was being disrespected and overlooked, so he said this in his post-game press conference:

“So, you know, you put that in your pipe, you smoke it and you come back and, you know what, we’re going to go up 2-0.”

The phrase “put that in your pipe and smoke it” is an old-fashioned way of saying “take that” or “deal with it”. It implies that the speaker has proven someone wrong or delivered a harsh truth. Malone was basically telling the Lakers and the media to accept the fact that his team was better than they thought.


The Nuggets followed through on Malone’s promise, winning Game 2 and sweeping the Lakers in four games. They then advanced to the NBA Finals, where they faced the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets were also favored to win the title, but the Nuggets proved them wrong too, winning in five games. Malone’s shirt was a way of celebrating his team’s incredible achievement and reminding everyone of his bold statement.

How fans reacted to Michael Malone’s shirt on social media

As soon as fans saw Malone’s shirt at the parade, they went crazy on social media. They praised him for his confidence and humor, and expressed their admiration for his coaching skills. They also shared memes and jokes about his shirt, making fun of the Lakers and the Nets. Here are some of the best reactions:

  • “Michael Malone is wearing a shirt with a picture of the trophy and ‘put that in your pipe and smoke it’ on it. I love this man.” – @NuggetsFan
  • “Malone’s shirt is legendary. He called his shot and backed it up. Respect.” – @BasketballLover
  • “Malone’s shirt is hilarious. He really smoked the Lakers and the Nets.” – @FunnyGuy
  • “Malone’s shirt is savage. He should wear it every day.” – @NuggetsGirl
  • “Malone’s shirt is awesome. He’s the best coach in the league.” – @NuggetsFanatic

Why Michael Malone’s shirt is more than just a fashion statement

Malone’s shirt is not only a funny and catchy slogan, but also a symbol of his team’s identity and culture. The Nuggets are a team that plays with heart, grit, and passion. They don’t back down from any challenge, and they don’t care about what others think of them. They have a strong bond with each other, and they trust their coach to lead them to victory

Michael Malone Denver Nuggets Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It Shirt 6
Michael Malone Denver Nuggets Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It Shirt

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Malone’s shirt reflects his personality and philosophy as well. He is a coach who is honest, fearless, and loyal. He believes in his players and empowers them to reach their full potential. He is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for his team. He is also a coach who knows how to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Malone’s shirt is more than just a fan favorite. It is a statement of pride, defiance, and joy. It is a reminder of how far the Nuggets have come, and how much they have accomplished. It is a tribute to their coach, who has guided them to greatness.

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